Sur la photo, il y a un homme et une femme debout devant un van bleu. Ils tiennent tous les deux des planches de skateboard, l'homme à gauche et la femme à droite. L'homme porte un t-shirt vert kaki et un short bleu, tandis que la femme porte un t-shirt rose clair et un short en jean. Ils semblent heureux et souriants. Derrière eux, le van bleu a une bande blanche sur le côté et une fenêtre ouverte. La photo est prise en plein jour et au bord d'un lac avec des arbres en arrière-plan.


☼ Aloha friends! Ready for a trip full of good vibes, craftsmanship and ethics with Waïloa?

With Waïloa, discover a French fashion brand inspired by travel. Our pieces are made with love and respect for the environment, are designed mainly from organic, recycled or even upcycled materials. No more waste and overproduction with parts in limited quantities or even sometimes produced on demand!

Our collections, in limited editions, are embroidered or screen printed with passion in Toulouse for the most part. Immerse yourself in a universe where the Ocean and the Mountains meet in a whirlwind of captivating colors and patterns. Waïloa takes you on a journey, while putting beautiful things in place to preserve our beautiful planet on our scale.

As a small company, we cannot ensure 100% French production (excluding accessories hand-sewn in France: scrunchie, headbands and fanny packs). Therefore, we ensure we work with textile labels to guarantee quality. -> find out more about our labels right here.

Ready to live an authentic fashion adventure? Join us and let yourself be carried away by the magic of Waïloa! 🌊🏔️☀️

Sur la photo, il y a une jeune femme souriante avec des cheveux longs et ondulés de couleur châtain clair. Elle porte un haut court blanc à bretelles et un jean bleu délavé. Elle est appuyée contre un van bleu clair avec le logo de Volkswagen visible sur le devant. La photo est prise en extérieur avec de la végétation floue en arrière-plan.


Hey! My name is Léa, I'm 25 years old and I'm a fashion enthusiast with a crazy dream. I have always had a fascination with the world of luxury, but I quickly realized that it did not completely correspond to my values.

Determined to create something that combines style, ethics and sustainability, I decided to embark on the adventure of my own brand during my studies. Waïloa is the fruit of this devouring passion!

My mission ? Offer fashion that makes sense, more sustainable fashion that respects our planet while being fun and stylish. For me, fashion should not be ephemeral, but a self-expression that transcends fleeting trends. I want to offer everyone the opportunity to feel good, while helping to preserve our beautiful planet.

As a small company, I cannot achieve 100% French production, so I am gradually setting myself objectives to be more and more responsible.

Waïloa is a reflection of my sparkling personality and my love for vibrant colors. Each piece is carefully thought out, favoring environmentally friendly materials and sustainable production techniques. It's a blend of style and quality.

Let's make a difference, one stylish step at a time! 🌿✨