La photo montre un globe terrestre recouvert d'un sac en plastique transparent. Le globe est centré et le sac tombe en plis verticaux jusqu'au bas de l'image. Le fond est de couleur lilas.


STOP plastic!

Plastic sucks and pollutes our planet. And as you know, we want to do everything to protect our oceans and our beautiful mountains.

At Waïloa, we are establishing strategies to replace all our plastic, starting with packaging. In the future we would like to be 100% plastic free, we are looking to develop and use recyclable and biodegradable materials. We already use kraft bags, cardboard or corn starch packaging. Our corn starch packaging is made in Europe, biosourced, biodegradable and compastable (industrially). Every little step counts.

Recently, we have opted for seeded labels that you can plant to grow beautiful daisies.

We still have a few small details to adjust. Stay tuned, it’s coming soon!

La photo montre une tortue marine nageant dans l'eau claire et bleue. La tortue est vue de côté, se déplaçant vers le haut à gauche de l'image. Elle a une carapace mouchetée de motifs bruns et verts et des nageoires qui semblent douces et souples. L'eau est d'un bleu profond et paisible, ce qui crée un contraste naturel avec la tortue.


Animal lovers!

We love animals... That's why we work with materials certified by PETA Vegan Approved. By eliminating plastic, we protect our planet and also wild animals.

Regarding wool, we use acrylic fiber.

La photo montre une main tenant des capsules de coton ouvertes dans un champ de coton. Les capsules sont blanches et duveteuses, et la personne porte un vêtement bleu. Les feuilles autour des capsules sont vertes avec des nuances de brun. La photo est prise en plein jour sous un éclairage naturel.


Quality labels

To better guide you in your purchases, better certify the origin and quality of our products, we work with labels: GOTS, Vegan, Oeko-tex etc.

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La photo montre une machine à coudre avec du tissu à motif de palmiers en noir et blanc qui est en train d'être cousu. La photo est prise de côté et légèrement en angle, montrant le pied-de-biche et l'aiguille en position abaissée sur le tissu. Il semble que la couture soit en cours.


Supporting crafts and entrepreneurship

We offer handmade accessories such as headbands, scrunchies, bows, scarves, washable cottons ( and many more to come... ). This is also the beginning of the history of Waïloa. And as we must never forget where we come from, we will always support craftsmanship.

Organizing events allows us to highlight creators and is close to our hearts. We have had great encounters and we will continue to do so.

Waïloa's Peach on Instagram is a Live video format where we meet once a month with other entrepreneurs to discover their stories.

Alone we go quickly, in pairs we go further, and in groups...? We go faster and further!



Zero Waste Company Label

In October 2022, Waïloa obtained the Zero Waste Company label. Please note, this does not mean that we do not have waste.

This is a label awarded to companies doing everything they can to reduce their waste, for their sustainable practices and their eco-responsible commitments.

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