10 tips for preparing your first solo trip

10 tips for preparing for your first solo trip

10 tips for preparing your first solo trip 🌍


✈️ If you want to explore the world alone, you've come to the right place! I share with you 10 tips for preparing your first solo trip so you can leave with peace of mind 🧘

🌟 Tip #1: Choose your destination carefully

👉🏼 Choose according to your requirements

When it comes to planning a solo trip, the first step is to choose your destination wisely. You'll find yourself immersed in new cultures, landscapes and adventures, so before you pack your bags, take the time to think about what appeals to you most.

Have you always dreamed of fine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters? Corsica, Thailand or Croatia could be on your list. Perhaps the call of the mountains and hiking is stronger for you? The Dolomites in Italy or the majestic Welsh landscapes could be your ideal destinations. The main thing is to follow your desires, to choose what speaks to you and excites you.

When you choose your destination, don't forget to take into account your level of comfort requirements. Whether you are a fan of wild camping or a fan of great comfort, this preference can influence your choice. Local cuisine and cultural richness are also elements to consider. If you're curious about new flavors and traditions, a gastronomic and cultural destination could be the perfect choice.

👉🏼 Set a budget

Finally, for successful planning, establish a realistic budget and determine the duration of your trip. If you're willing to travel greater distances, a longer trip duration might be ideal. And of course, always keep potential time differences in mind, as they can impact your experience.

📎 If you feel a little lost in choosing your destination, don't worry. Tools like Skyscanner are there to help you find the perfect destination based on your availability dates. You can explore different options, compare flight prices and see which best suits your needs.

Once the destination is pre-selected, it is also essential to consider the cost of living there, as this can have a significant impact on your overall budget. Take the time to find out local prices for accommodation, food, transportation and activities. Remember that these expenses can vary greatly from location to location, and they should be factored into your financial plan.

📎 You can find out about the cost of living by country on this site here .

👉🏼 Check the security of the city and neighborhoods

Safety is another aspect that should not be overlooked, especially when traveling solo. Find out about the security situation in your destination, discover the neighborhoods to avoid and the precautions to take. Traveling alone is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it's important to take steps to ensure your personal safety.

To obtain practical information and valuable advice, read the feedback from other travelers on the internet. Read reviews about the places you plan to visit, find out their experiences and tips. This can help you better anticipate situations and have a clearer vision of what awaits you.

👉🏼 Money, money, money

Finally, once you have selected your destination, find out about the local currency and exchange rates. Knowing the currency used on site and having an idea of ​​its value in relation to your own currency will be of great use to you once on the ground.

📎 To convert currency, I use the free Currency Converter app on the Apple Store.

🌟 Tip #2: Plan in advance

👉🏼 Choose a safe neighborhood

For successful travel planning, start by identifying the activities that appeal to you and the places you want to explore. Immerse yourself in researching the most attractive neighborhoods, keeping an eye on the best value for money. Opt for a well-served area to make your travel easier and reduce costs.

👉🏼 It's time to book!

Once you have established your city plan and identified the activities that tempt you, it is time to think about choosing your accommodation. Personally, I take a look at platforms such as Abritel , Airbnb or Booking. Smart tip: I prefer to avoid reservations on Booking and opt instead for a direct reservation by telephone or on the hotel's website, in order to save on costs. Take the time to analyze reviews and ratings left by previous travelers.

📎 Click here to book on Airbnb.

Once you have located your ideal accommodation, but before booking it, take into account the location of the nearest airport. Head to Skyscanner to explore your flight ticket options. Don't forget that if I mention the plane, you can also consider the train, carpool or car depending on your preferences.

As soon as your ticket, your dates and your accommodation are in harmony, don't hesitate to take action. 💡 A little advice: favor private browsing when booking to avoid price increases that can occur if you hesitate too much. A tip: aim for a reservation at least 3 months in advance to obtain advantageous rates. There you have it, most of your planning is in your pocket!

👉🏼 Think about transport!

As a somewhat stressed person, I plan every detail carefully. How will I get from the airport to the hotel? For day trips, I often opt for the bus, but if I have to travel at night, safety comes first and I favor safer options, like Uber. And don't forget, some plane tickets include deals with hotel transportation. Consider this option for the round trip, it will relieve you of a source of stress. Also think about your means of transportation once you get there: car rental, metro, bus... My advice is to book everything in advance for guaranteed peace of mind.

👉🏼 Create a schedule

Then, draw up your own calendar, carefully noting your arrival and departure days and times. Now it's time to dive into the Get Your Guide app. Explore the activities and book them in advance. Some might be cheaper on site, but thinking ahead will give you a dose of zen and extra energy to allow you to fully enjoy every moment.

📎 Download the Get Your Guide app here to book your activities.

🌟 Tip #3: Dive into the wealth of travel books and blogs

👉🏼 Reading before, after and during your trip

When planning your adventure, don't forget to equip yourself with tangible resources that will enrich your experience. Buying a book dedicated to your destination will allow you to delve into its history, culture and hidden secrets. Travel guides are full of recommendations for the best places to eat, must-see sites to visit, and off-the-beaten-path activities to try. Once there, you will be ready to immerse yourself in the authenticity of the place.

A detailed map is an essential companion for your adventures. It allows you to orient yourself with ease, spot the main attractions and explore the picturesque streets without worrying about getting lost. A paper map may seem old-school, but it often guarantees a reliable connection even in the most remote corners. Plus, just unfolding a map can awaken your sense of adventure.

👉🏼 Blogs: the gold mine

For up-to-date tips and more personalized travel recommendations, be sure to check out travel blogs. The beauty of these platforms lies in their authenticity. Travelers share their experiences, discoveries, and failures, giving you a real and honest look at what you can expect. From hidden gems to money-saving tips, blogs are full of valuable advice that can make a difference to your trip.

So whether you're immersed in a captivating book on the beach, unfolding a colorful map in the heart of an unknown city, or reading the exciting stories of other travelers online, these resources will accompany you and add enriching dimension to your trip.

📎 Think about the planet, you can buy second-hand books on Vinted for example and then resell them at the end of your trip.

🌟 Tip #4: Surf on your mobile with a suitable plan

👉🏼 Rather team package in advance or local package?

Adventures abroad are often accompanied by intensive use of our smartphones. But before you rush off, take a moment to examine your crime. We tend to forget that not all packages are designed to shine internationally.

Give your carrier a call to make sure you're ready for connectivity abroad. Crucial question: will there be a supplement in sight? The best thing is to check if your operator can activate the service abroad without breaking your wallet. Learn about using the internet: will your surfing be smooth as sand under the sun, or are you doomed to wander in the digital desert?

Knowing that you're not going to be stuck without a network is comforting. And above all, find out about the rates for calls and messages from abroad. Believe me, calling the emergency service in Spanish or Italian without having to sell a kidney to pay the bill is essential.

But wait, here's a tip that could save you a lot of unnecessary expenses: find out about local packages once you arrive at your destination. Sometimes our operators offer us packages more expensive than champagne. While on site, at the airport, for just a few euros, you can get a SIM card with a tailor-made package for your entire stay. It's the telephone equivalent of ice cream on a sunny beach.

A suitable package is much more than a way to give news to jealous friends back home. It's your lifeline for keeping in touch, calling for help in case of a problem, hailing a taxi, not getting lost in the urban jungle and even knowing if you're straying from the path. So, before you take off, pay special attention to your phone so that your trip goes smoothly.

🌟 Tip #5: Make your trip cooler with the right apps

Welcome to the age of digital travel! Today, there are apps for everything, and when it comes to making your solo adventure easier, they're your best friend. Prepare to take off into the unknown with these must-have apps that guarantee your journey smoother than ever.

👉🏼 City transportation app: your key to urban exploration

Navigating a new city can seem daunting, but transit apps make the experience smooth and fun. Say goodbye to confusing signs and unexpected detours, and say hello to total independence to get around like a local.

👉🏼 Reserve your tickets in just a few clicks

Looking for plane or train tickets can sometimes feel like a treasure hunt. Fortunately, dedicated apps save you the hassle by showing you the best options in just a few swipes. No stress, no cold sweats, just easy bookings.

👉🏼 Currency converter to save time!

You don't want to get fooled by paying in foreign currency? Download a currency converter app to your phone. No more laborious mental calculations, you will always know exactly what you are spending.

👉🏼 The translator “just in case”

Lost in translation ”? Not for you. A translation app makes you the ultimate polyglot, allowing you to communicate with locals without language barriers. A watchword: talk, discover, exchange!

👉🏼 WhatsApp: Keep in touch, wherever you are

Even thousands of kilometers from home, WhatsApp keeps you connected. Share moments, experiences and laughter with your loved ones as if you were next to them.

👉🏼 Share your location in real time

"Did you arrive well ?" Avoid the worries of your loved ones by sharing your location in real time. They'll know you're doing well, even when you go on epic adventures. Personally, I use “Location” on my iPhone and I share my location the day before my departure with those around me.

👉🏼 Never get lost with Maps apps

No matter where you go, a maps app always guides you. Explore the narrow streets of an old town or discover hidden corners without getting lost. The modern explorer has never been more confident.

👉🏼 “Taxi please”

Need a quick and convenient ride? Uber and Lyft are your best friends in many destinations. You can now move around with ease and style.

Embark on your journey with these apps at your fingertips. They are your digital arsenal to make your solo journey perfectly organized. So, open your App Store and get ready to experience unforgettable adventures with the world at your fingertips.

🌟 Tip #6: Create connections before, during and after your trip

Ready to turn your solo trip into a social adventure? Join the virtual world to connect with other travelers, exchange captivating stories, and build friendships across borders. Here's how to connect with the travel community.

👉🏼 Facebook Groups: Your gateway to adventure

Welcome to the exciting world of Facebook travel groups! These virtual spaces are no longer just for boring memes and statuses. They're online havens where you can ask questions, share plans, and get recommendations directly from other passionate explorers. Imagine yourself with a global address book, full of friends ready to help you every step of your journey.

Before flying to your destination, simply type something like “Les Français à X” into the Facebook search bar – for example, “Les Français à Dubai”. By joining this type of group, a world of information opens up to you. From practical advice to the best local addresses, everything is at your fingertips. And if you have a question, don't hesitate to ask it in the community. Mutual aid is the key word, and you will see that the answers will soon arrive.

👉🏼 Conversations in transport: Ephemeral friends or real crush?

Are you on a train, a bus or a plane? Don't stay in your corner! Let your adventurous spirit take over and strike up a conversation with your seatmate. Who knows, you might make a new friend for a short trip or even for the entire trip.

👉🏼 Let’s keep in touch!

Sharing your number or Instagram profile with your travel companions can seem intimidating, but it's a quick way to create genuine connections. Imagine meeting up in another destination, where you could explore together or simply chat about your past adventures.

🌟 Tip #7: Proper management of flouze

Money can be your best friend or your worst enemy during your solo trip. Here's how to make sure your finances don't ruin the excitement of your getaway.

👉🏼 Bring enough cash

Make sure you have a cash reserve for small expenses or for places where online payments are not accepted. Bring a reasonable amount of euros, but also local currency. You don't have to be the local Croesus, but a little money in your pocket will give you peace of mind.

Excess cash can become a target for pickpockets or be easily lost. Take only what you need for the day and leave the rest in a safe place. If you need more, you can always withdraw money from local ATMs, but be aware of the associated fees.

👉🏼 Révolution Bank Card: Your best companion

Before you leave, make sure your bank card is activated for foreign transactions. Contact your provider to check the fees and conditions for using your card internationally. Some cards are more travel-friendly than others, so research carefully.

👉🏼 Local withdrawals: With caution

Local withdrawals may seem convenient, but they can also be expensive due to conversion and transaction fees. If you decide to withdraw money, plan your withdrawals carefully to avoid doing it too often. Also find out in advance the costs according to your bank and the country visited.

🌟 Tip #8: Anticipate paperwork

When you embark on a solo adventure abroad, it is essential to be administratively prepared. Here's how to make sure your paperwork is in order before your big departure.

👉🏼 Essential documents: Be prepared

Before leaving your home, check that you have all the necessary documents at hand. This includes your passport, identity card, visa if required, international driving license, and any other documents specific to your destination.

If your destination requires a visa, an ESTA form, or specific travel insurance, take the time to complete the necessary formalities well before departure, at least a month. Find out about the requirements of the country you are going to visit and make sure you have all the required documents.

👉🏼 Digital copies: Valuable security

A crucial step is to scan your documents and store them on your phone or in a secure online space. This allows you to access your documents when needed, even if you lose them or are stolen. Having digital copies can save you in unforeseen situations.

👉🏼 Physical copies: Double security

In addition to digital copies, also keep photocopies of your physical documents. Store them in a separate place from your originals, such as in your suitcase. In the event of loss or theft of your original papers, photocopies can facilitate administrative procedures.

👉🏼 Organization: Your best ally

Organization is the key to avoiding administrative hassles. Create a checklist of documents needed for your destination and check off each item as you prepare them. This will save you stress and last minute surprises.

🌟 Tip #9: Health first!

Keeping your health at the forefront during your solo trip is crucial. Here's how to prepare yourself to deal with the little hassles and stay in shape during your journey.

👉🏼 Vaccines and prevention: A priority

Before leaving, find out which vaccines are recommended or even required for your destination. Make sure you are up to date on your regular vaccinations and make an appointment with your doctor to discuss medical precautions specific to your trip.

Some destinations require specific vaccines due to local health risks. Learn about illnesses in the area and make sure you have the appropriate vaccinations. Your doctor will be able to advise you on the measures to take.

👉🏼 Basic medical kit: Don’t be caught off guard

Carry a medical kit containing basic medications to treat common symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, colds and sore throats. This simple precaution will allow you to heal quickly and continue to enjoy your trip.

If you are taking prescription medications, make sure you have enough medication for the duration of your trip. If necessary, ask your doctor to provide you with a prescription in multiple languages ​​to avoid problems during security checks.

👉🏼 First aid kit: For small accidents

Include in your suitcase a first aid kit with dressings, antiseptics, bandages and other essential items for small injuries. Having this type of equipment will allow you to handle small incidents without having to look for a local pharmacy.

👉🏼 Hygiene and Precautions: Essential

Good hygiene is an effective way to prevent disease. Bring disinfectant wipes, antibacterial gel and a bottle of drinking water to stay hydrated. Wash your hands regularly, especially before eating.

👉🏼 European travel: European health insurance card

If you travel to Europe, don't forget to ask for your European Health Insurance Card. It guarantees you medical coverage in European Union countries. This little card can prove valuable in the event of a health problem abroad.

👉🏼 Travel Insurance: Emergency Coverage

Take out travel insurance that covers medical expenses in the event of an emergency. No one is safe from the unexpected, and being well covered will give you valuable peace of mind.

🌟 Tip #10: The essential list so you don’t skip anything

One of the simplest and most effective tips for confidently planning a solo trip is to create a detailed list of everything you need. Here's why it can make all the difference:

👉🏼 Maximum Organization

Making a list allows you to organize all the tasks and items needed for your trip. You can segment the list into categories such as clothing, accessories, documents, medicines, electronic gadgets, etc.

👉🏼 Reduce Stress

By following your list, you significantly reduce last-minute stress. No more wondering if you took your passport or charger with you. You can simply check items off your list as you prepare them.

👉🏼 Enjoy Your Trip

By having everything you need at your fingertips, you can focus on exploring, discovering and having fun. You'll be able to fully enjoy every moment without worrying about forgetting something essential.

🌟 On the road to solo adventure!

And there you have it, you now have in your hands ten invaluable tips for planning your first solo trip with confidence. Whether you dream of heavenly beaches, historic cities or outdoor adventures, preparation is the key to a memorable and successful experience.

By choosing your destination carefully, organizing your activities, anticipating your needs and being prepared for every eventuality, you have the power to create a trip that exactly matches your desires and your personality.

So, what are you waiting for? Adventure awaits you. Don't hesitate to check out our website for more resources, inspiration and advice for your future solo trips. Whether for travel stories, accommodation recommendations or practical guides, we are here to support you at every stage of your preparation.

Remember, solo travel is more than just an adventure. It is an opportunity for personal growth, self-discovery and creating lasting memories. So, take your courage in both hands, use these tips to your advantage and embark on an experience that will remain engraved in your heart forever.

🌐 Remember to equip yourself before leaving, to do this, go to our site here .

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