The 6 fashion trends to watch in 2024 🔍


The 6 fashion trends to watch in 2024

The 6 fashion trends to watch in 2024 🔍


The year has started strong, and we are preparing some great collections for you. To do this, we need to take a close look at trends and fashion shows. Following our analysis, today I would like to share with you the six fashion trends that we consider to be essential in 2024.

🌟 Trend #1: Stripes galore!

The return of stripes and the sailor top in force. After a few years in the shadows, the sailor top is making a remarkable comeback, and not just for the Mont de Marsan festivals.

In 2024, stripes are in the spotlight, and we dare to wear them without restraint! Of course, the idea is not to overdo it, but to stay in trend. Black shorts, a pretty sailor top, and the look is perfect. The trend is not limited to sailor tops, but extends to all forms of stripes. Let's go!

💬 Tell us in the comments if you've always had sailor tops in your wardrobe.

Sailor trend

🌟 Trend #2: Leopard comeback 🐆

Leopard is a pattern that divides: you love it or you hate it. Personally, I love it! This year, you will find leopard in small touches on accessories or even in details on clothing.

Trend 2024 Leopard

🌟 Trend #3: Unstructured flowers

After the wave of floral dresses, here is a hippie trend that leaves no one indifferent. Unstructured, even distorted flowers, which remind us a little of our grandmothers' decoration (2K24 version). Whether as a lining or as a main pattern, it is the most original pattern of the year.

💌 It's high time to go shopping, I'm sure you can find little gems in thrift stores!

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🌟 Trend #4: Fuchsia, barbie is back... 🎀

Ah, fuchsia! In one lifetime, you can go from love to hatred, then from hatred to love. A real vicious circle. This year, whether in a sweater, jacket, or t-shirt, fuchsia is the punchy color to adopt. Who do we say thank you? Thank you Barbie for the return of pink. 💕

🌟 Trend #5 : Lilacs

On the soft side, like this winter, the lilac trend persists. A color easily adaptable in terms of look. A total jeans look with a touch of lilac in the hat and mittens, this is a truly 2K24 look!

👀 Stay tuned, Waïloa could bring you some great nuggets!

🌟 Trend #6: “ Workwear ” inspiration

We don't know if it's because of laziness or style, but workwear is making a comeback this year. Perhaps an influence from a parent with a stylist who gets off work at 8 p.m. and hasn't had time to change in the meantime, but one thing is certain: workwear is more trendy than ever! Safari jacket or cargo pants, this year, work overalls are in fashion!


As you understand, fashion is an eternal cycle. This is why it is essential to find vintage pieces before opting for new. Tell us in the comments which trend you will adopt first! 🌟

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Vivement la nouvelle co wailoa ! Superbes les tendances et les couleurs ! J adooore!💕


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