4 tips for starting a responsible wardrobe


4 tips for starting a responsible wardrobe 💚


🌱 If you want to consume better and start a more responsible wardrobe, you've come to the right place! I'm sharing 4 tips to transform your style while making a positive difference for the planet ! 🤝

🌟 Tip #1: Think before you buy, stop unreasonable impulsive purchases

Opt for slow fashion brands that share ethical values ​​and favor sustainable materials such as organic cotton, linen or Tencel. Pay attention to labels and certifications to easily identify products that respect the environment and workers.

📎 On our site, we share information with you about labels as well as the materials to favor.

You can stand out by choosing brands that are transparent about their supply chain and production practices. Take the first step towards a more responsible wardrobe!

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🌟 Tip #2: Long live second hand!

Explore the second-hand market and clothing rental to give existing pieces a second life. Opting for second hand means reducing the demand for new clothing and preserving natural resources. In addition, you can find unique, original pieces at affordable prices.

Renting clothes is also an ideal option for special occasions, without compromising your budget. Stay stylish while being responsible!

📎 For example, you can take a look at Le Closet if this principle interests you. 👗

🌟 Tip #3: “ Less is more ”

Prioritize quality over quantity: by investing in quality clothing, you reduce the need for frequent replacement.

Opt for timeless and versatile pieces that can be worn in different ways. Quality clothing stands the test of time and reduces the amount of textile waste. Supports ethical and responsible brands that care about social and environmental conditions. 🪴

🌟 Tip #4: Repair, transform, sell and take care of your clothes

Take care of your existing clothes by repairing and maintaining them properly. Upcycling is a creative way to extend the life of your pieces by giving them a new use or personalizing them.

📎 You can find all our upcycled items right here .

If you no longer wear certain clothes, consider selling or exchanging them on Vinted for example. Nothing better than giving a second life to your items while avoiding waste. ♻️

📎 Find our article on upcycling here .

Taking care of your current clothes extends their life and reduces the need to buy new items. Wash them at low temperature, do your own eco-responsible laundry and avoid excessive use of chemicals.

By taking care of your clothes and adopting a sustainable consumption pattern, you help to minimize textile waste and protect the planet. 🌍


Together, let's build a future of fashion that is more responsible and respectful of our planet! For practical advice, discover the other blog articles.

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Les 5 conseils que tu donnes sont totalement vrais et mérite d’être appliqué par le plus grand nombre pour que chacun puisse, à sa façon, réduire son emprunte carbone et préserver notre planète 🌏


Super, merci pour toutes ses infos! Arrêtons de gaspiller nos ressources qui ne sont pas illimités. Très bel article 🌱


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